Get started

1. Choose and buy a farm
2. Receive earnings every month

Choose a farm

To have a steady income every month, you need to buy a farm.
You can invest money in one of the following farms:
Price: $ 2
Produce: 2 per month
Expected income: $ 4.8 per year
Price: $ 20
Produce: 21 per month
Expected income: $ 50 per year
Price: $ 60
Produce: 68 per month
Expected income: $ 168 per year
Price: $ 400
Produce: 500 per month
Expected income: $ 1260 per year
Price: $ 2000
Produce: 2535 per month
Expected income: $ 6540 per year

Your monthly income will depend
on the chosen and purchased farm.

You can earn extra earnings inviting friends.
You can also get a mini-farm for free.

How it works

1. You buy a virtual farm. For example, for $20:
2. Every week, the farm brings you 5 eggs:
3. You sell eggs for $0.2 per unit: = $1
4. Every six months you are selling 130 eggs for $26:
5. If you buy another farm you will earn in six months additional +$26

Thus, for every $100 invested, you will receive approximately $21 per month.
The most popular
farm is the poultry farm for $2000.
It brings $545 per month

The mechanism of money making:

Received from users money invested in a real production.
For example, 4000 users bought a farm for $400.
For $1,6 million contract real modern farming.
Acquiring a real farm brings real money.
Some of that money goes back to users' accounts monthly as an income.
Thus, you are participating in joint investments, and receive your share of the profits.
A high percentage of profits are made possible by the management of investment capital, participation in venture capital investing, funding profitable projects and improving the performance of existing business through the purchase of new equipment and expanding production.
In other words, your money works for you in a real business.

Why should I try?

Let your money have a chance to work for you.
You'll have more money every month.
You become the investor of a real business and get your share of the profits through our project. It is a significant opportunity for investment and for earning an extra income.

If you're wondering, we have a special offer:
Mini-farm for $2. It allows you to have an experience of how everything works.

It's worth a try. Just try it and make sure everything works.

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